Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bar Seven

They say that staying in is the new going out and this could not be more true than when you have a bar in your back garden! A year and half ago when our next door neighbours got married the wedding reception was held in a marquee in the ginnel behind our houses. As part of this wonderful occasion our garden was transformed into the bar for the evening. Now I'm not just talking about a makeshift table with a few bottles of spirits and a bucket of beer cans underneath it, I'm talking about a real bar, a solid construction, a fully fledged, fully-stocked, back garden bar. 

The wedding reception was immense and our newly formed cocktail bar certainly added to the festivities! It made complete sense to keep the bar after the wedding, how could we get rid of such an epic addition to our home?! 

Bar Seven (as we lovingly call it- after our house number!) has it all. A sink, a speed rail, an ice crusher, a fridge, bar stools, decorations, martini shakers, strainers, shot glasses, champagne flutes, a blender, an outdoor heat lamp, a juicer and a whole other myriad of essential bar gadgets! It really does have all the ingredients for the perfect night out: a great atmosphere, a good amount of space, unbeatable company, plenty of booze and there's no need to worry about how you're going to get home at the end of the night! 

We have had A LOT of great nights at this little bar and our cocktail making skills could  now give Tom Cruise a run for his money, the cosmo is my personal favourite! However, as you will have read in my last blog, we are going to be moving in April. Our next door neighbours are trying to sell their house and whilst the bar is a true sensation it's not ideal for when people come to view the, it's time to say goodbye to to this fabulous little hangout!

We're going to miss you, Bar Seven!

Whilst I'll be sad to see it go I can assure you that we will be building something just as good, if not better, in our new house! A Tiki bar perhaps?! Here is a photographic tribute to our wonderful little bar: 

One of the first ever pictures of Bar Seven
Perfecting the art of the Porn Star(!) This was Jo's wedding cocktail. 
Cocktail Experiments
Showing off making a Margarita
Glammed up for another night at Bar Seven
My beautiful sister enjoying an evening ar the bar
Dressed up and ready to take on the world!
The beautiful Mrs Nike 
The Gamble twins taking on Bar Seven
Exotic cocktails...that's how we roll!
Girly nights at the Bar
Birthday Fun

Happy, smiley people at Bar Seven!
Anyone for a B52?!
Sad times when the Bar was destroyed by the terrible Manchester weather...
Resurrected!  Using wooden, oak beams from the pub. Bar Seven is now indestructible!
A trainer from the London Riots- not stolen, FOUND- abandoned and lonely, rescued and brought to the Bar!

Bar Seven- prepped and ready for it's final night.
Let the good times roll...

Karl in his element, entertaining our guests! He makes a mean Margarita...
Hiding from the paparazzi! Bar Seven is definitely the coolest bar in town...
Peroni clock and Bar Seven light shining for the last time...
Porn Star Martinis, Mojitos and lovely friends!
A final girly photo

Thank you for all the fun times, Bar Seven! May the cocktails and dreams continue...what on earth shall we call our next bar?! 


  1. The photos are great! As a Cosmo expert myself I can safely say Bar 7's Cosmo's were the best. Goodbye Bar 7!

  2. Yep- the cosmos are the best, fear not- we will be drinking plenty in our new bar! xxx