Monday, July 22, 2013


One of my favourite childhood memories from when I was growing up was the day we got our family pet- Oscar. Mum had taken Christine and I for a day trip to London to visit the Natural History Museum and Dad, who worked as a Prison Officer at Belmarsh Prison, had arranged to give us a lift home in the evening. As we approached Dad's waiting car just outside the prison gates Christine and I spotted a little golden shape sat on the back seat...this little golden shape turned out to be Oscar, our wonderful Golden Retriever who from that moment became our beloved family pet for the next 16 years. 

Karl and I have been toying with the idea of getting a dog for quite some time now. We looked after a friend's dog- a little black labrador called Coco- for three weeks a few months ago and I absolutely fell in love with him! Needless to say I was pretty upset when we had to send him packing back to his rightful owners but looking after him sealed the deal that we both wanted a pup! 

As you know it's been a bit of crazy time for us recently with the build and moving house etc. so whilst Karl and I have spent a lot of time talking about getting a dog I honestly thought that it would happen next year some time. Wanting to be part of the puppy-buying process right from the start I told Karl that strictly under no circumstances was he to surprise me with a dog after a couple of failed visits to the Labrador Rescue centre made me realise just how important it is to meet any little pup you are thinking of bringing home to make sure it's the right one for you (and you're the right family for him)...

So...a few weeks ago I was working down in London for work and upon my return to Manchester Karl picked me up at the train station. I threw my suitcase into the boot and jumped into the car ready to give Karl a big hug...moments after I sat down I got the shock of my life...A little black ball of fluff climbed onto my lap and a gorgeous little face beamed up at me...For a second I thought it was Coco returning to us for another holiday, but I soon realised that this wasn't the all. The little fluff ball was tiny compared to Coco and he also had a big bow tied to his collar! 

May I introduce you to Roly... my surprise pup!

My first ever photo with Roly

My little pupster

Utterly scrumptious

Having a snooze

Having a snooze on his new Mummy

Chilling with his Daddy

My darling little Pup

Despite my warnings to Karl about surprising me with a pup he took it upon himself to contact Coco's breeder to see if they had any pups left... there was only one left... ROLY! A sure sign that he was meant to be ours :-) 

Karl not only managed to replicate one of my favourite childhood memories with absolute perfection... but he also picked the perfect pup!

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