Sunday, February 10, 2013

To Love Oneself Is the Beginning of A Life Long Romance...

...So what better way to start than with a weekend of pampering! Well... not quite a whole weekend, an afternoon to be precise. I FINALLY decided to use the Spa vouchers I won at a charity auction last November.

PHD waxing- Purifying back massage- Prescription facial- Spa ritual manicure


Fresh faced after my facial!
Orchids, Candles and Classical Music
Water Bed- Heavenly.

My first EVER manicure (I'm 28!)
This was my first experience of a truly indulgent pampering session, why have I never done this before?! There are so many reasons why we should all indulge....

  • Work hard- play hard What better way to wind down from a hard day at the office than with a little self indulgence?! At times work can make all of us feel a little rough around the edges, a cheeky pamper-package is the perfect way to unwind.   
  • Boost your confidence  Massaging, cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, filing, polishing and a good splash of colour- extra TLC can make you feel refreshed, gorgeous and ready to take on the world. It makes sense!
  •  Do more of what makes you happy (I love that quote!) We all work hard, we all have lots going on- relationships, work, commitments, circumstances, people, and places... life can get in the way! Making time for things that make you feel good about yourself are important. I'm not saying bankrupt yourself by checking in at the most expensive spa in the country but a little treat now and then is nothing to feel bad about. If it makes you feel happy then make time for it! 

My pampering session set me up for a lovely weekend... a lovely night in with Karl on Saturday, a romantic meal and watching movies: 

Chilled out and relaxed after my pamper session- movie time!

Followed by a lovely Sunday of afternoon tea, lots of cake and a trip up to White Nancy at The Saddle of Kerridge:

Wind swept, but still fresh-faced at White Nancy
As Oscar Wilde says: to love oneself is the start of a lifelong romance... is there really any better way to begin than with a little pampering?! 

(I went to The Hayloft in Glossop for my afternoon of pampering- thoroughly recommended!) 


  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend! Your nails look great :) And good advice; life is too short to not do what you enjoy. Seize the day!xx

  2. Thanks for your comment! Yep- good advice indeed! A little bit of luxury is ALWAYS well deserved ;-)