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30 Things To Do Before You're 30

I often read blogs, websites and articles about people who are working towards achieving things on their 'bucket list' and they often fill me with inspiration for new experiences and things that I need to get done before I 'kick the bucket'. However why have kicking the bucket as the end of play? No time like the present!

As many of you will know I am now in my 30th year of life having just turned 29 this Christmas, I know, I know, it's hard to believe! I have decided that I'm going to make this year count. I want to set myself 30 goals/ challenges/ experiences to have achieved by the end of the year and absolutely smash the last year of my 20s. 

Here are the 30 things I want to do before I'm 30: 

1) Learn how to snowboard 

I took up skiing when I was at University and pretty much taught myself. My technique is terrible and rather than undo all of the bad habits I think trying something brand new will be much easier...will I be the next Jenny Jones?! Let's see about that...

2) Try out surfing

Why not?! 

3) Learn how to sail

Very happy to be adding this one to the list as have booked onto a yachting holiday so I can do this (well, not JUST so I can do this...the sunbathing, island hopping and partying comes into it too!) This holiday is booked and we set sail from Athens in June. 

4) Take a course in something

I can't imagine what it'd be like to actually study something I am genuinely interested in. I loved my Undergrad degree but there were parts that I didn't enjoy, same with my Masters degree... I enjoy studying so think this is the year to take a course in something I will love! 

5) Attempt the London Marathon 

Attempt is a word I should perhaps underline here. It's the taking part that counts! April 13th is D-Day for this so we'll see how I get on. 

6) Finish decorating the house

We moved into our new house in May last year, it's getting there but still needs some work. My new found addiction to the home stuff in TK Maxx should help this challenge happen!

7) Get my motorbike license 

I was well underway with this last year but for some reason totally lost my confidence with it. I need to bite the bullet and get my license. My ultimate dream is to bike in Canada from Calgary to Vancouver. 

8)  Stick to my savings plan

Being nearly 30 with hardly any savings is NOT cool! Time to grow up and commit to save the pennies.

9) Declutter my life 

I'm definitely guilty of being quite messy and not putting things away properly. It's time to conquer the clutter in my life!

10) See Garth Brooks in concert 

My guilty pleasure... loved him growing up as a child and still love him now! Garth went into retirement and I thought I would never get to see him. However he has just come out of retirement and is doing a come-back gig in Croke Park, Dublin before he begins a word tour. I was lucky enough to get tickets! Words cannot explain the excitement...

11) Become a 'morning person'

I am a total grizzly in the morning, surely I must be able to change this!

12) Remember my dearest friends birthdays

This is a NY resolution every single year and every year I fail miserably. This is the year all this shall change!

13)  Make cool, home made presents for people

I always admire people who make things... I'd like to learn to make things.... I don't know what yet...but this one goes quite well with #12... cool, personal home made gifts of some description!

14) Learn how to make sushi

Yes, I know, I think most people will be shocked to learn I don't actually know how to do this. I adore Sushi, a love I picked up during my two years living in Japan. Sushi makes me happy therefore I should learn to make it. 

15) Go on a last-minute weekend trip in the UK somewhere

I used to do this all the time and was quite into couch-surfing! Such a great way to meet new people, make new friends, make cool memories and a bunch of fun stories to tell! Definitely need to have more random, fun weekends away. 

16) Try out Air BnB

An alternative to Couch-Surfing that a friend has recommended!

17)  Read more

I go through phases with reading and am terrible for starting books and not finishing them. I'd like to make more time to read good books. Read more, worry less- a good sentiment!

18) Aim to be fitter and stronger by the end of the year

Rather than setting a weight loss goal I would just like to be fitter and healthier by the time the big 30 arrives. One thing I have discovered in my 29 years is that crash-diets do not work. I need to get better at eating right and also find a way of keeping fit that I enjoy. 

19) Plan something outrageous to make my 30th birthday

Every year I wallow in the fact that my birthday is too near to Christmas and all my friends have other plans...well, this year I would actually like to mark the occasion. How?! I don't know yet. A party perhaps? A weekend away somewhere spectacular? Suggestions and ideas all welcome at this point!

20) Wean myself off Facebook

I spend way too much time procrastinating on Facebook. I'm sure I am not alone in the this and have in fact tried to 'come-off' Facebook a couple of times by deactivating my account. On both occasions this lasted no more than 2 days. I like Facebook for the way it connects people but I really do think it has turned me into a lazy friend and I make less effort. Whatever happened to a good old phone call or letter?! Maybe keeping a regular blog might be a better way of staying connected, we shall see!

21) Explore Manchester more

Manchester is an amazing place to live and there is still so much more to see and do here! I'd like to be more of an expert on where to go and what to do, where to eat and where to drink and be able to show off this great city to my friends when they come to visit!

22) Book a last minute flight to go somewhere, anywhere!

I love the idea of packing a bag, grabbing one of my best friends and heading off the airport with some last minute tickets to a random destination. A cheeky weekend away somewhere in Europe perhaps?

23) See more of my sister!

Since my sister came back from Taiwan we have't seen enough of each other. Plans need to be made to change this, especially as it's her 30th year too!

24) Do more fancy-dress nights and themed parties

I LOVE fancy-dress and don't do nearly enough of it. We've had some pretty fun themed parties over the last few years but not nearly enough. In the last year of my 20s surely ample fancy-dress nights are still acceptable?! Anyone up for a toga night...?

25) Cook more for friends 

Who doesn't love a good dinner party? Any opportunity to eat good food and drink good wine is a good goal in my opinion. 

26) Do a sky-dive

This has been on my to-do list for a while, so why not now?! No time like the present!

27) Go scuba-diving in the UK

Having learned how to dive a few years ago in Taiwan it's definitely something I want to do more of. It will be hard to top my trip to Egypt last year when we ran into a huge pod of dolphins but I'd love to give diving in the UK a go, am thinking maybe the Farne Islands off the coast of Northumberland?! It'd be pretty cool to see some seals... 

28) Take an exercise class in something new and different

I've tried pole-dancing and was terrible at it! There's so many weird and wonderful classes out there that I should be trying more of them. I've heard of circus workouts...that could be fun...!

29) Go away on dog-friendly weekends

Since we got our puppy, Roly, we have started to explore new pubs and places that we have never been to before simply because they allow dogs in! There's so many nice cottages in the countryside you can rent for the weekend with gorgeous walks and dog-friendly pubs that I want to explore more of them! 

30) Capture the moment

With all of these new experiences, goals and challenges I'm planning I need to make sure I am taking plenty of epic photos to record and capture everything that I do (and prove I did them too!) 

Me celebrating my 29th birthday with a posh hair cut at Trevor Sorbie...what will I be doing on my 30th?!

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