Sunday, January 20, 2013

How's the Tom Sawyer in you?

The name of this blog comes from a book that I discovered one afternoon in a tiny, 'hippy' bar during my travels in Japan. I fell instantly in love with this inspiring, beautiful book. 

Love and Free by Ayumu Takahashi is essentially a travel journal. After marrying his wife, Sayaka, Takahashi impulsively decided to resign from his job and travel the world with his soul mate. They took off with no real plans and this book documents the many streets of the world that they traveled together. Through a bunch of notes, poems and photos the book is filled with special moments and profound thoughts on life, love and people.


As someone who is always thinking about her next big adventure this book fills me with great ideas about things I'd like to do and the places I'd like to visit and explore.

Australia, Southeast Asia, Eurasia, Europe, Africa, South America, North America and Japan: Takahashi reveals snippets of conversations, beautiful photos and words that inspired him on his travels. He opens his book with a question: How's the Tom Sawyer in you? He invites us to think about ourselves as adventurers and explorers as he shares his many wonderful experiences. 

I love this book for it's simplicity, the short bursts of thought combined with stunning photography are endlessly heartening. It makes me think about the incredible adventures I've already had and of the hundreds of exotic, wonderful places that are still out there just waiting to be explored! 

 So... how IS the Tom Sawyer in you? What exciting adventures do YOU have planned? Tell me, I'd love to hear about them! ♥

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