Thursday, August 21, 2014

Life is better on the slopes

How is it August already?! This year has flown by already and I am yet to start documenting my progress with the list! Lots has happened this year so far so without further ado I am pleased to say that I have already ticked off a few things.

I can now proudly say that I am Snowboarder. I took up lessons at The Chill Factor in January completing the beginners course, level 3 course and then the improvers course. It was so much fun and I now realise the benefits of having lessons. My technique is so much better than when I am skiing and it feels so much more comfortable (and I feel more confident) on a board that on skis. 

In March I went snowboarding for a week in Meribel and after having a bit of a wobbly first day (involving a lot of drama and Karl having to take off his board and hold my hand for 3 miles down a mountain!) I spent the week perfecting the art of snowboarding across the Three Valleys. Whilst I am far from perfect it's amazing how much you progress in just a week and I absolutely loved it. 

Here is some photographic evidence of me snowboarding: 

And excitingly here is a video of me snowboarding to prove I'm not just posing on the snowboard! This was on the second day on the slopes, so I'm still a bit wobbly but managed to make it down in one piece!

Looking forward to my next snowboarding trip already!

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